White Sox, Yanks Reveal Universities for Field of Dreams

They built it and they will come. Now they are dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Before the Field of Dreams game in Iowa on August 12th, the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox unveiled their uniforms – inspired by team jerseys worn in the early 20th century – for the first special event.

The White Sox uniforms have navy blue pinstripes and a large SOX monogram on the left chest that matches a white hat with navy blue pinstripes. During punch training, the team wears a dark blue hat with the Sox monogram.

The Yankees unveiled a uniform with the NEW YORK lettering in a thinner and wider font than the modern jersey, which was presented in navy blue on gray with no white borders or sleeves. The hat has a loosely knitted, interlocking NY.

The first Major League Baseball game to be held at the Dyersville Ballpark will feature a corn maze behind the right field fence, a manual scoreboard, and bullpens behind the midfield fence, designed to resemble old Comiskey Park.

The ballpark is located on the Lansing Family Farm, the location for the film “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones and Amy Madigan.

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