The facade, made of wave-shaped bricks, allows light to flow in without compromising privacy



November 23, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of A.P.P. Architects & employees

The innovative project by Farhad Mirzaie and the company A.P.P. Architects & Associates, “Revolving Bricks Serai” is a dynamic office building in Arak, a city best known as the industrial capital of Iran. Nestled in a residential area, the structure was designed with privacy in mind and features an undulating brick facade that allows natural light to flow through while obstructing the outside view of the room.

The individual blocks, the ends of which are painted turquoise and azure, are after parametric design. As a booming architectural trend, the style usually focuses on curved, curved lines, shapes that simulate structures occurring in nature, and the consideration of the interplay of individual elements and as a whole. An algorithm determines many of today’s designs based on these geometric principles, though Antoni Gaudí is widely used for groundbreaking analog processes his upside down modeling.

You can find more current projects by Mirzaie and his company at Instagram. (above Jeroen Apers)


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