In States of Ruin, architectural sculptures by Peter Callesen arise from a single sheet of paper



November 24, 2021

Grace Ebert

Detail from “Human Ruin”. All images © Peter Callenen, shared with permission

Towering cut-out cavities are artists Peter Callesens Sculptures of existing architectural ruins and stately buildings. Constructed from a single sheet of white paper, the miniature buildings appear from their original flat pieces in three-dimensional shapes with crumbling facades and tilted columns. Each work juxtaposes the soft, fragile material with the robust subject and “reminds us of what was there and that even material like stone can change and break,” the artist continues:

The ruin as a motif for my work deals almost as an inverted creation with the themes of rise and fall, inspired by romantic painters through typical Gothic architecture. The ruins rise from their intact and undamaged silhouettes. The work “17.8 High Tower of Babel” is also associated with brokenness and failure due to the myth of the Tower of Babel.

Callen from Mors, Denmark, shows some of these smaller sculptures Vestjyllands Udstillingen through January and you can see more of its intricate miniatures and sprawling installations on. explore Instagram.

“Human Ruin”

“17.8 High Tower of Babel”

“On the other hand”

“Small built ruin”

“Little Ice Castle”

“Erected Ruin”


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